Self Care For The Body, Mind and Spirit
Love Your Body,  Love Your Mind,  Love Your Spirit

Self Care Ideas List – for the Mind, Body and Spirit

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent, caring for myself is an act of survival”. – Audre Lorde

We all know deep down that self care is important but a lot of us struggle to recognise when we need it, why we need it, what we need and how to make it happen. Here is 101 ideas on things you can do to take better care of yourself, to love yourself that little bit more, to challenge your growth and learn something new.

I have split this list into 3 categories, Mind, Body and Spirit. You should all aim to do something under each category regularly. I would suggest trying the following:

  • 3 things daily
  • 3 things weekly
  • 3 things monthly

I keep the daily things for the quick and easy self care ideas and the weekly things and monthly for something a little more difficult or time-consuming.

Instead of just reading this list and moving on I have decided to start a social media challenge. This is to help encourage everyone to make their self care a priority, to inspire others to focus on their own self care and give each other ideas on how to do it.

To learn about and participate in the challenge, follow me on social media by clicking the links below…  it will be worth it!



I hope that people can use this list and participate in the challenge as a way of proving to themselves that not only do they deserve self care but that it is a necessity.


1. Start a gratitude journalGratitude Journal For Self Care

2. Practice mindfulness

3. Speak kindly to yourself for 24hours – try not to self-criticise

4. Set goals on paper – what, why, action plan and timeframe for each goal.

5. Reminisce with old photos, videos or messages

6. Recite affirmations

7. Express your feelings to someone you trust

8. Try to focus only on positives for 48 hours – no complaining!

9. Change your thinking patterns – turn your negative thoughts into positives!

10. Watch/read motivational content every dayRead A New Book For Self Care

11. Read a new book

12. Write something – a blog, story, diary entry etc.

13. Look at inspirational/motivational quotes

14. Reduce your screen time

15. Complete some brain teasers – riddles, word search, crosswords, sudoku etc

16. Learn something new – choose a topic and research or sign up to a new course

17. Learn to set boundaries and say no

18. Create a morning routine to start your day off right

19. Adult colouring

20. Get organised – to do lists, planners, filing etc

21. Declutter your home

22. Write a positive review about a product, service or business on their page, website etc

23. Start a jigsaw puzzle

24. Listen to an audio bookKnitting Your Way To Self Care

25. Knit something

26. Watch your favourite childhood movie

27. Go to the movies by yourself

28. Make a bucket list


29. Go for a 20-30min walk

30. Go for a jog/run

31. Get some sunshine

32. Go for a swimPamper Your Skin For Self Care

33. Pamper your skin

34. Dance to your favourite song

35. Stretch

36. Do some yoga

37. Get a massage

38. Play your favourite sport

39. Create a sleep routine

40. Do some pilates

41. Go bike riding

42. Focus on hydration

43. Go hiking

44. Plan a camping trip

45. Run/walk stairs

46. Do some breathing exercisesGardening Is Self Care For The Body, Mind And Soul

47. Get outdoors and garden

48. Go and see your doctor for a health check-up

49. Jump on a trampoline

50. Get out on a scooter

51. Walk the dog

52. Work out at the gym

53. Eat right

54. Attend a martial arts or self-defence class

55. Have a hot cup of tea

56. Have a hot bath or shower – add magnesium for tired musclesGroup Fitness For Physical Self Care

57. Attend a group fitness class

58. Spend time at the beach

59. Try a Tai Chi class

60. Give yourself a manicure & pedicure

61. Visit a sauna and relax

62. Eat mindfully and without distraction


63. Find your purpose

64. Donate to a charity of your choice

65. Grow connections

66. Spend time being still and silent in natureMeditation Is So Crucial To Self Care

67. Meditation

68. Pray

69. Self-reflection

70. Complete a 10-minute body scan

71. Do a few 2-minute breathing exercises throughout your day

72. Do something nice for someone you love

73. Complete an act of kindness for a stranger

74. Spend time with the right peopleSpend Time With People Who Life You Up Not Drag You Down

75. Help someone – hold a door, let someone go before you, carry a bag for someone etc

76. Intentionally find a few things in your environment you find beautiful

77. Take a social media break

78. Volunteer for a charity or fundraiser

79. Create your own fundraiser

80. Start a support group or community class

81. Get involved within your community

82. Write letters to the people close to you detailing what you love & appreciate about them.

83. Change it up – choose a different route to work or change up your routine

84. Create something

85. Find a hobbyListen To Music To Take Care Of Your Soul

86. Listen to music

87. Plan a holiday (even just a night away)

88. Bake something for your neighbour or friend

89. Buy yourself or someone else flowers

90. Watch the sunrise of sunset

91. Sing

92. Try aromatherapy

93. Cuddle someone

94. Send a care package in the mail to someone you love and missSpend Time With Pets And Care For Your Soul

95. Spend time with animals or a pet

96. Write a love letter to yourself

97. Lay on the ground and watch the clouds float by

98. Star gaze

99. Shop for yourself – retail therapy without over indulging

100. Go for a coffee or meal alone

101. Clean Your House

Inspire others and join the challenge

These are just some of the self-care ideas that I have come up with, self care is different for every individual. Implement what works for you and makes you feel good. It can be anything you enjoy doing.

You might just find this challenge teaches you something new, creates valuable change in your life, inspires people to take action and to know their worth and reach their potential.

If you don’t share on social media then at least give this a go for yourself. After all it can’t hurt!

Love Yourself More

Love Yourself with Action

Take the Challenge!

Good Luck



  • Brian

    I love this self care ideas list! I am going to take this challenge and share with my family and friends. Thank you for sharing, you have given me an experience that I will always remember.

  • Andrew

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Yes, we are worth spending time and effort on ourselves every day! Our quality of life is dependent on how healthy we are in mind, body, and spirit. The more we can improve our health in each of these aspects of our own lives, the healthier we will become, and then the better quality attention we will be able to share with others. I like your tips to hug someone, cuddle with animals and just watch the clouds float by. And most importantly, take a social media break, and love yourself, and then love yourself some more.

    • Nicky

      You are so welcome Andrew. Everything you say is absolutely true, I hope with time that more and more people recognise and understand this message too. Thank you for commenting! Nicky

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