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Create Your Own Space For Self Care – The Basics!

“Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”– Nikki Rowe

Self care is often not made a priority, it’s pushed to the back burner while we deal with life, kids, work, family. It doesn’t get the attention that it needs and eventually it affects us with burnouts, fatigue, stress… just to name a few. So how do we integrate self care into our lives easily? Well I think a very important step is creating your own “self care space”.

My first question is this… Do you have your own space? Where you can retreat to? Where you can go to ease your stress, relax, soothe your soul? If the answer is no, then read on and learn about why you should create a space and what I like to include in my own.

A Little About Self Care…

This is a topic that I could go on and on about, it’s the reason I created this site and it’s my personal goal to teach as many people as I possibly can about the importance of self care. The importance of making yourself a priority so that you can live a happy, fulfilled life, so you can become more self-aware, learn and grow into the person you want to be and reach your full potential.

There are many ways to practice self care and you will find a lot here at but for the purpose of this blog I will share with you several of the ways I personally practice self care. Most of the list below are things that I focus on doing daily or weekly.Meditation For Self Care

I have linked some of these to articles related on my website so that you can learn a little more. You could also browse through my website and see what else you find! Another article to read would be my “10 Ways to Love Yourself – An Insight into Self Care”.

Why create your own space

Personally I believe that to achieve anything in life we need the proper environment.

When I work it’s generally at my desk, with everything I need within arms reach. When I cook, it’s in the kitchen with all the tools I need. When I go to sleep it’s in my bed that includes all required for a good nights sleep. So it makes sense that to be serious about self care, you need your own space… right?

To really focus on practicing self care you need to have a space to do that. You need to have the right equipment, the right tools. Just like any other job you have to do. Treat self care as a priority and think about it like a job. Create your environment, fill it with the tools you need and show up. Every day.

But, where can I fit a self care space?

You might start to think that because you don’t have a room available for self care, you can’t create your own space… I am here to tell you that you don’t need much! Apart from those people living in a tiny house with literally no room free, you will find space. My bedroom has barely enough room to walk around the bed… I still have a small desk in that room with all the things I use and need to practice self care. For a short while I had just a box of things that I would get out and lay on the lounge room floor once the kids were asleep.

So choose a space in your house that can be just for you, somewhere you can hide away when the stress is too much. Where you can head to after work to meditate or practice some breathing techniques. Somewhere you can escape the world and focus purely on loving yourself and doing what you need to do… to relax and recoup.

What should a self care space look like…

Well that, is up to you. Your space should be just that… yours.

What I can share with you is what my space looks like… If I had a choice and the space in my home, I would have an entire room dedicated to self care. I did have this very briefly before taking on work as a respite carer and converting my space into the guest room. So I have made this one of my goals for my future… To have a house big enough for a sacred space just for me.

Anyway… back to the space.

Right now my space is in my bedroom, it’s a desk with a comfy stool and has all the things I need and use for my own self care routine. Here is a quick list of what you would see:

  • My vision board – this takes centre place in my space, it has all my goals, aspirations and inspirations for the year.
  • Essential Oils – I use essential oils for just about everything, I believe that choosing an oil or combination of oils and using it Candles In Your Self Care Spacefor one particular task helps creates a habit for all the senses. I use an oil for the gym, for meditation, for sleep, for energy, for headaches. For relaxation… you get the picture!
  • Candles – I always use candles when meditating or relaxing, there is just something about the flicker of a candle, the light it creates in the room and the way it feels.
  • Crystals – now this one isn’t for everyone. I have a personal obsession with crystals, I think they are simply beautiful and love to have them around my home, as jewellery and Crystals Sacred Spacedefinitely in my sacred space. You can choose some crystals just by looking and feeling them and buy whatever feels right. Alternatively you can speak to someone or research crystals and their uses here and possibly buy something specific to your needs.
  • Singing bowl – I absolutely love singing bowls, they are so beautiful and calming for me. I am a lover of sounds and being able to create sound myself that soothing and relaxing is just so amazing.
  • Sage – I love to burn sage, I love it’s smell and I love the idea behind using sage to clear negative energy. Whether you are a believer or not, I believe using something physical to visualise ridding your body and mind of negativity is a great tool and sage does that for me.Singing Bowl - Self Care Space
  • Decorations – one rule about your self care space is that it should speak to your soul. It should look and feel amazing to you, so go ahead and decorate it with what makes your heart sing. For me I have beautiful statues, bells, flags, crystals, candles and mala beads that I love seeing and using every day.
  • Salt Lamp – I think salt lamps are possibly the most calming light next to candles, I have a salt lamp with a dimmer switch that I use in my space. You can even get the with little essential oil cups at the top that warm up with the heat of the lamp and work similarly to an oil burner.
  • Incense – these are not for everyone but I love to use them, seeing the smoke floating around through candlelight and the beautiful smellsIncense Sacred Space they can have just instantly relaxes my body and mind.
  • Twinkle Lights – I am a big lover of twinkle lights, I think they are beautiful and so simple and relatively cheap to buy. They are also a great safe alternative to using candles.
  • Journals – I like to keep a journal in my sacred space for when I feel the need to jot things down, I have a busy mind so if I come up with an idea during meditation that just won’t go away or I remember something I forgot to do, sometimes I struggle to really get into it. So my trick for this is a journal so you can quickly jot it down and move on. Mine is also used on days when I am feeling particularly overwhelmed. I can write it all down and let it go.
  • Books – I like to keep some of my favourite books in my sacred space, it’s a good reminder to get in some reading time as this is something that’s part of my self care… Learning and reading often.

These are just some items you would see in my self care space.

What you should do now…

Think about how you would want your self care space to look, what you might include and where you might have the space. Go out, find what you need and set it up. Visit your space at least once daily to practice self care however you choose. If you want to learn some ways to do that then please click on the links above.

I will include some links below to some products you can order online that are suitable for a self care space. Check out your local op shops, spiritual shops and even dollar shops for great finds that you can add to your space…

These are affiliate links so they will not cost you any more than it would finding them yourself. It just means that I can earn a small commission from any sales to keep this site running. I appreciate the support!


Candles Always Be Good To Yourself

Salt Lamps

Singing Bowls

Essential Oils

You deserve a space just for you, make yourself a priority and watch yourself change and grow for the better.

Please share with me your spaces once they are complete, I would love to share them with other readers and use them to help inspire others!



  • Stella

    Just reading your post has a calming effect on me Nicky!
    I is so imoprtant to have an own space that just you own.

    Many times I have locked the door filled a bathtub and add some essencial oil. Lying back in the soothing warm water sipping on a glass of wine and a candle flickring was my sanctury. Letting my thoughts go and let it be.

    If I have a choice I would want a place behind a curtain in a bay-window with lots of cussions, space for my books and stationary, a shelf for odds and ends and a soft light. I want to disappear totally and write in peace … lol

    Thank you for a wonderful relaxing post, a fanfastic way to start my weekend.

    • Nicky

      Thank you Stella,
      I am also a huge lover of candlelit baths, I love to add some magnesium salts and essential oils!
      You space sounds amazing, I hope one day you get your bay window sanctuary!
      I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

  • Janet

    Really enjoying all of your posts Nicky and love the changes to the site. This post especially brings home to me the little value I have placed on having a special space for my self care. I had never thought of creating a special space just for self care and love your analogy of having all the tools for the kitchen in the kitchen and the equipment needed in an office space in the office. How terribly simple and sensible 🙂 I definitely have always made sure these 2 spaces are well organised and ready for daily action. I plan to rectify my slackness and look forward to creating my self care space. I think it is well over due. Thanks for the great tips.

    • Nicky

      Thanks Janet!
      It seems so simple and normal to have space for most things in life but a lot of us don’t have that for ourselves. One of my favourite sayings that I have mentioned before is that “you can’t pour from an empty cup” Hopefully many others, like yourself will read this post and give it a go and ensure their cups are full every day!

  • Caitlyn

    I appreciate you spreading the word of the importance of self care! Especially these days, it is too easy to get caught up in the rat race. I am guilty of this. Reading your article has inspired me to refocus some time on me 🙂 Great read!

    • Nicky

      Thank you Caitlyn, I am so glad you feel a little inspired! Please come back and share your space with us, you might just inspire someone else too!

  • Todd Matthews

    I love this article and there are techniques you listed such as crystals, candles, salt lamps, and sage that I really want to get into. The more I research such techniques the more fascinated I become with and the more I want to invest in them. Thank you for this outline. I saved the article for future references.

    I do engage in some of what you listed, such as breathing techniques, creation through hobbies, emotional intelligence, healthy eating and journaling are tops, and might I add one more suggestion….exercise!

    Fantastic job all around.

    • Nicky

      Thank you Todd, there are definitely a lot of resources around crystals, salt lamps etc. I am a huge lover of all these things and feel they bring a sense of peace and positivity to my world.
      Exercise is so important and is often overlooked because life gets busy but exercising regularly has so many benefits and should also be a priority in your self care routine. Best of luck with it all and feel free to pop back and let me know how it works out for you.

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