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Hi everyone and welcome to Love Yourself!

The world today is a VERY busy, crazy and stressful place for many people and more often than not we spend little time focusing on ourselves or what I call… Self Love. That doesn’t mean being self absorbed or only making yourself a priority. What it means is making time for relaxation, rest, enjoyment, personal growth, your own health… it’s self care and there are SO MANY positive ways to love yourself.

Throughout my journey I have learned and encountered so many ways to create a greater level of happiness, mindfulness, gratitude, personal growth and direction. I have learnt an important lesson… that it’s not JUST OK to love yourself, to focus on your own well being… that it’s a MUST.



My journey with mental and physical illness started early in life. I was diagnosed with leukaemia as a child and depression and anxiety in my teens. I spent a lot of years feeling stressed, depressed, anxious and disconnected from myself and those close to me.

I struggled through my early 20’s and never found something that worked to really improve my quality of life. At around 24 years of age I began a relationship with my partner, fell madly in love and we were quickly engaged and pregnant with our first child together.  Our introduction to parenthood came with huge stress after our baby girl was diagnosed with a Critical Congenital Heart Disease and other birth defects. This part of my story was and still is the single most difficult thing I have ever encountered.

I had another beautiful child, a boy when our daughter was just 18 months…I struggled with my weight before pregnancy but two pregnancies later, post natal depression plus the added stress and anxiety made the problem so much worse and ended with me piling on even more weight… I was obese. In my quest to manage my obesity I was diagnosed with a condition called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia).

By this stage in my life I was miserable, I loved my kids and my partner and had so much good in my life and so much to be grateful for… but I just couldn’t see it. I was so unhappy within myself. I was relying on others to do basic every day things due to pain and sickness, taking a truck load of medication (with little effect) I decided my life needed an overhaul. I researched and read anything and everything I could find about losing weight, reducing pain and stress, sleeping better, being happier, more grateful and present in my life. I am sure you get the idea…

Two years on, I am a healthy weight thanks to weight loss surgery. My POTS symptoms are managed well thanks to a LOT of lifestyle changes. I don’t take any medication now (other than supplements). I am not depressed or anxious and I am happy with myself for the first time. I am a better partner, a better mother, a better friend and I truly believe a better person.

I want EVERYONE to feel the way I do, I am not perfect, I am not an expert but I would love to help others by creating a space to learn about self-love and what that means to me. I would also love to share my stories with others who feel the same way or are going through the same things.



I think we all need to make ourselves a priority, to learn skills that improve our lives, our happiness, our relationships, our health. We all deserve to feel good, to be in tune with ourselves, to know our minds, to feel clarity and direction in our lives, to chase our dreams. I truly believe that starts with loving yourself and I want to share that with everyone.



The purpose of this site is to bring you to a place where you can learn, grow, become more in tune and more present in your life… to improve your overall happiness.

When I was looking for all these things for my own life I didn’t find the answers in one place. My aim is to build a space where people can come and learn as much as they can! To make it simple and easy to find something that could work for you, to supply you with as many tools as possible. To connect with other people and live a better life.

If you ever have any questions, or there is something specific you are looking for, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

– Nicky

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